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Over several years in the Golf Course Design business we have found that many of the same questions and issues about design are often raised by Club Managers, Superintendents, Club Committees and Developers as well as Golfers of all types, from professionals through to social players.

We have also found that in designing and building golf courses in today’s fast moving business, construction and turf industries, that the most important ingredient required to build a great golf course is not just money, but rather, is a like-minded pursuit of quality, by all stakeholders.

In response to these and many other issues, our Managing Director and Golf Course Architect, Nigel B Douglas has collected his thoughts and experiences gathered over 10 years of design, and penned a book, entitled Golf Course Design -Modern day issues and experiences.

The book dispenses with the modern day hype that often surrounds the industry, and in an opinionated, personal and uncut manner, provides logical and common-sense explanations and reasoning on many design related issues affecting golf courses and golfers in the rapidly changing modern day context.

With *236 pages and 42 pictures and diagrams, GOLF COURSE DESIGN is an enjoyable read for golfers who might have wondered how modern day golf courses came to be. GOLF COURSE DESIGN is also a valuable reference document for Club Managers, Superintendents, Club Committee Members and Developers.

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