Detailed Design of new Golf Courses

Newly planned projects require a comprehensive detailed design approach to ensure a quality finish. Our design approach provides solutions for all aspects of every site, including earthwards, drainage, conservation issues, landscaping, shaping and construction specifications.

Our thorough approach ensures that every square inch of every site is well considered, providing a quality finish in every instance.


Detailed Design for upgrading of existing projects
Almost every older golf course and unfortunately some new ones have a few problem areas that for whatever reason, prevent the golf course from playing or looking its best. NIGEL B DOUGLAS GOLF DESIGN is very experienced in providing design-based solutions to all such issues, in a manner that blends perfectly with the natural environment.

Our emphasis is always to maximize any beautiful existing site attributes and upgrade all others, for a total package of quality, thereby creating a timeless, naturally appearing finish.

Qualified Construction Personnel
  No project can be successfully completed without well-qualified, experienced and talented construction personnel working under organizational structures that maximize their value.

We undertake to assist our clients to source the best people for any given set of project constraints as well as assisting to ensure their input is as beneficial as possible.


Construction Related Services

NIGEL B DOUGLAS GOLF DESIGN has the capacity, along with its associated entities, to provide various other construction related services, designed to maximize the clients resources in the context of the local environment in which each project is situated.

This takes many different forms, from Project Management, to Construction Management and even constructing sections of the work. In all cases, such services are individually tailored to suit the needs of each project.

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