igel B Douglas Golf Course Design is an organization dedicated to the production of golf courses of interest, strategic playability and above all, high quality.

From the design of brand new golf course to the selective upgrading of existing golf courses, our aim is always to produce the highest quality result in an optimum timeframe, for a realistic price, and in a manner that is sympathetic to nature and sustainable for the long term.

To achieve this, we employ a system of highly detailed design plans and specifications. This, coupled with a very practical approach to design, facilitates systematic construction processes and thereafter, implementation of sustainable long-term maintenance regimes. When combined with regular and expert onsite input by the designer, and the assistance of quality key onsite personnel, we are able to obtain high-class results in every instance, regardless of location and site attributes.

Nigel B Douglas Nigel B Douglas – B. A (Architect)
  The Managing Director and principle designer has been active in the field of Golf Course Architecture Internationally since 1994. During that time he has been involved in the design and construction of many well-received projects in Asia and Australia, and has recently written a book based on these experiences.

In addition to the Malaysian office, he opened an Australian office in 1998 to act mainly as a provider of support for International projects, as well as a service provider for Australian Projects.

Today, both the Australian and Malaysian offices share resources in a very efficient manner, providing a firm position from which to service projects in any location worldwide.

Nigel and the other key staff travel between the two offices and various projects according to demand.

Jenny Goh
Head of Administration, Kuala Lumpur Office

Trent Bursill
Head of plan and document production, based in the Australian office

Anita Ross
Head of administration, Australian Office

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